Month: August 2020

Fashion Industry

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression at a particular time and place and in a specific context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body proportions. Whereas a trend often connotes a peculiar aesthetic expression and often lasting shorter than a season, fashion is a distinctive and industry-supported expression traditionally tied to the […]

7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

Do you keep promoting your dropshipping store on Facebook with no results? Perhaps, you’re doing it wrong! Here’s a list of Facebook advertising mistakes you should avoid. Facebook is a great platform to advertise a product or service, especially for a small business. With over 2.7 million people using Facebook every month, one can reach any […]

What are The Most Common Characteristics Entrepreneurs Share?

“If you want to be successful find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” – Tony Robbins. Successful entrepreneurs never fail to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting a new business requires a special set of skills and attributes. However, it is individual characteristics that […]

How to Start Your Own Business

To start a business, you need more than just a dream. To put the wheels in motion, you’ll need to: Use the time you have available. It’s good to have a balance of ambitious and realistic with your business aspirations. Identify a business idea. This could come from your personal interests, a market opportunity, an experience—anywhere, really. […]

Ecommerce Business Blueprint

How to Build, Launch, and Grow a Profitable Online Store The future of ecommerce is incredibly bright. But, starting an ecommerce business is hard work and demands many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time. To help, we’ve put together a comprehensive blueprint for starting a business, compiled from Shopify’s most popular […]

How to Succeed in Dropshipping [5 Real Stories]

We’d like to share 5 stories from our heroes in France, India, China, Brazil and the Baltics: $455,058 In A Year: Mousslim Is Ready To Become An eCommerce Drop Shipping Millionaire! ‘Never Knew Ecom Is That F***ing Easy’: $28,000+ In Sales In Just 30 Days! How To Dropship From China And Get A Monthly Profit […]

Need Traffic? Here’s How to Get Visitors to a New Website

(Even If You Don’t Know Where to Begin) “How do I drive more traffic to my online store?”  At some point, that thought crosses the mind of every entrepreneur selling online. Maybe you’ve invested time and effort in setting up your store and tweaking everything for launch, only to open up shop and wonder where […]

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